We are the world’s largest operator of paintball games and have recently opened a centre in Sydney, ensuring that all Sydneysiders can enjoy a day of world-class paintball action.

We have revolutionised the paintball industry through our 100% safety record, professionalism, and amazing movie-set quality game zones.

Our safety standards are extremely meticulous and are the envy of other paintball centres. We have taken every step possible to ensure the safety of all players, including investing in the latest technology to provide you with a US-spec full head goggle protection system. These goggles, complete with a chinstrap, will protect you from any potential painful headshots. If speaking to our competitors, ask if they provide this level of safety and if not, ask why?

Before heading out into battle you will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball Machine gun. This fast-firing and lightweight piece of equipment is easy-to-use and you can even get your eye in for the games ahead at our top secret shooting range.

Come and experience paintball how it should be played with Sydney’s best paintball centre.